How To Call REST web service with JSON as input from pub.client:http

Hello Team

Could you please guide how can we call the REST web service with JSON as input from pub.client:http.
I am in Integration server 9.8



I set the content type as ‘application/json’ and its working fine.


I hope you mean RESTful service. A rest service is basically an http request with json message as body. You need below information to call REST.

  1. REST endpoint. This will be your url in pub.client:http.
  2. HTTP methods. Could be get or post or any other. This will be your http method.
  3. Authentication: Same as http.
  4. Set content type as application/json.
  5. Set json string as data/string
  6. Set loadAs as byte or stream as per your convenience.
  7. Set use jsse accordingly if you target server is Secure HTTP and need jsse to connect.

Run the service and your RESTful service will be called.

Thanks Farid for the detailed steps to follow for a REST call.