How to build a DSP page with upload functionality.

Hello everyone,

I’m looking into how to implement the import functionality in webMethods for a DSP page, use case in mind: upload a an image or a text file in a form that can be submitted afterwards.

I checked the DSP developer’s guide, but I could not find any details on this.

If anyone implemented this already or if you have any suggestions, it’d be very helpful.

Many thanks,

Select a File to UpLoad:

I hope this would help you

function loadFileAsText()
var fileToLoad = document.getElementById(“fileToLoad”).files[0];
fileReader.readAsText(fileToLoad, “UTF-8”);

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your reply.

By this I see that high level the recommended approach is to write a JavaScript function for uploading the document and invoke it from the DSP page?


yes :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Iam saving form values in a table, may I know where can we save this file attachment.