How to block the Dulplicate documents


My partner is sending same PIP document more than once to TN. Even i have duplicate check option in TN xml document on PIP, but its reprocessing the same.

I have checked the duplicate check for normal xml document its not reprocessing.

Do we have any alternate procedure to follow-up.


TN detects that a document is a duplicate, but stiill performs the action specified. Within the service that is invoked by TN, you need to test the variable (I don’t recall the name off-hand) and take the appropriate action based on its value. TN does not automatically ignore/discard duplicate documents. It only identifies them.

Hi reamon,
Thanks for your valuable information but mine its Inbound PIP document and there no processing rule, So how can i test the variable ?


Ah, that’s right. Support for RosettaNet uses models and the PRT. Sorry for the wayward advice.

I’d have to do some research, so perhaps someone else on the forums knows how to deal with dupes for RosettaNet PIPs?


  1. we can detect the duplicate document for all Document types even PIP inbound document.

  2. we can detect duplicate document using the Duplicate check option in TN XML Document Type or Processing rule.

  3. Once you receive the document in TN, map internal id of Document to service “”

  4. This above service will result the output “errorCount”.

  5. If errorCount>0 then write your logic to handle duplicate document or you can send some exception document to your partner using service “wm.ip.trp.trputils.sendException”

Hope this info helps.


Step 1. Apply patch RN_6-0-1_SP2_Fix2
Step 2. Modify \packages\WmRosettaNet\config\rosettanet.cnf to set rn.feature.duplicateDocCheck=true