How to avoid unnecessary internal error emails from IS because of email notification settings un ...

Hi Deepak,

     Even I had the same problem. To avoid the errors from the IS I have created a service which catches the event error. Please read event section in the developer guide for assistance. 


I learn from WMusers group that once you have encounter the FTP error problem. Did you solve it?

 Anyhow I have a query about FTP errors. FTP is throwing file not found error to suppress the error I have created a try catch block to catch the error and its able to suppresses the error but the error is going to error logs and in my logging and monitoring screen I gave a email address because of that its throwing the same error. Can you help me how do we suppress such kind of errors.

Anyhow i tried using the event handler. i have created a event handler service which is working fine but its not able to stop the error which are coming from logging utility in IS.

Thanks in advance.