How to avoid 'Aotorestart pending' while using ADACVT

I have installed Adabas CE v. 6.6 on Windows 10
My 3 existing databases is version 6.4. One of them I succeeded convert into 6.6 by using ADACVT.
But while converting the others I get the message ‘pending autorestart’.
And I cannot start the old databases due to a mismatch in the versions.

This might work.

I believe Adabas CE installs Adabas Manager. Select a “bad” database from the list. Select Parameters --> Options --> AR_CONFLICT. Change the static value to Continue. Then try ADACVT again.

ADACVT might be smart enough to see the AR_CONFLICT setting. If not, you probably will need to start them with the older Adabas version to clear the autorestart.

But the ‘bad’ database do not show up in the list in Adabas Manager. The one that is converted OK show up.
And I am not able to have 2 Adabas versions on the same machine, right? Then I have to start all over. Uninstalling version 6.6 and reinstall v. 6.4?

I found out how to have the 2 Adabas versions on my PC at the same time.
Then I started the databases in v. 6.4, the autorestart was cleared and finally I converted the databases to 6.6
Now all databases are up and running.
Thanks for your help, Ralph