How To Add A Header Handler with a QNAME ?

[ISS.0085.9262] No registered handler found for Header QName:{0}"
Cause: The WSDL you are using to create the Web service connector has a header defined,
but a matching header handler is not registered in Integration Server.
Response: Add a header handler with a QNAME matching the Document Universal
Name to Integration Server, then create the Web service connector. If you do not have the
appropriate header handler, you can continue the process and Developer will create the
Web service connector without the header information.

You have to register the header handler on IS.
go through the
7-1-2_Integration_Server_and_Developer_Documentation_Supplement.pdf document for more details and also you can get a WmSOAPSamples example package at adavantage site.

-Vikram S pachica.

Hi Satish,

I have the same issue, please let me know if any luck?

Please review the “Web_Services_Developers_Guide.pdf” and look in the section:
Working with Header Handlers:

Main topics:
Registering the Handler,
Associating a Header with an Integration Server Document Type