How safe are WM Fixes?

How safe are WM fixes? no one knows
I have applied PRT and Monitor fixes and they screwed-up my LDAP.
99.9% of fixes doesn’t have backout or uninstall.

To be fair: fixes come with a warning saying they haven’t gone through all the checks and tests that a release or a service pack/feature pack go through.

I don’t work for webMethods but I would ask:

  • did you run regression tests against the patch in DEV, then UAT before dumping in PROD?

  • Backout procedure is generally common sense I’ve found: you install it by placing a zip in the update directory, you un-do it by removing it… Ones that affect multiple directories you look what’s in the zip and backup the affected directories before hand (again: common sense and doesn’t hurt to do it anyhow).


I agree with Nathan. That is how we treat our fixes as a best practice to provide for backout, if necessary. I would also recommend that if you need a fix, talk to and work with webMethods support since we have found in the past that a “fix” to a “fix” may be in the works and that saves alot of time and anxiety.
Also, if a particular fix should fail you have an SR# to reference with the support line to help get the immediate attention that you may need.

You also have the option to ask support when the particular fix is going to released in a service pack. Service packs are fully tested and “certified” production worthy when announced.