Does webMethods have a QA Team?

My guess is absolutely not.

Installing the 7.1.3 Service Pack is an absolute disaster (as is probably half of the patches we’ve ever installed). Patches are released on a weekly basis to fix the bugs introduced in the other patches. The documentation contains errors, every patch contains dependencies on half a dozen other patches (most of which were last updated yesterday), and the engineers generally take 2 weeks or more to get to the bottom of things.

I’m kind of surprised that there haven’t been more posts like this. There has to be other frustrated users out there!

though i can understand your frustation… but being in software worlds, its bound to have bugs n fixes… i have never came across any application where new patches are not released (atleast till now) hope nobody will talk abt mainframes here… but they have their own share of problems :slight_smile: Webmethods 7.x suite was somehow unsatisfactory in terms of quality but since it was a major upgrade where they almost change entire product suite from older versions… some issues were always expected.

Marc, would suggest … upgrade to new version :slight_smile: and be regualr here (wmusers) for your issues… its a nice forum to discuss issues and getting resolution!


My issues are not related to “how do I do X”, which this forum is helpful for. My issues stem from the fact that every patch released by Software AG breaks something else. And the fix from SAG is generally - “oh, there’s a new patch you’ll need to fix your issue”.

And - they waited about a year before they released the 7.1.3 Service Pack, which was meant to roll up the patches required for 7.1.2, only to continue to release a ridiculous number of patches following it.

If I wrote an app that needed weekly patching due to bugs, I would /should be fired.

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