How run IS on local host?

Hi all,
i am student,
i have a VMware machine that webmethods is installed on.

i don’t knwo how configure or get parameters to use IS on localhost. can we use it on localhost ?

soory if my english is weak :o



Hi Maxen,
Yes, you may use IS on localhost, I would recommend you to read the Starting & Stopping Server topic in the Intergration Server Administration Guide which will give you the exact info that you need.

I believe the documents would be at

sure you can, just read the IS admin guide to start with

I would like to get some information on your VMWare.

Since you are a student I suspect you got the VMWare with webMethods from the University? Does your university have some agreement with Software AG?

By default IntegrationServer listens on port 5555 for all the interfaces. Point your browser to http://localhost:5555 user: Administrator password: manage and start playing with it.

It would be GREAT news if you got this at the University :smiley:

Yes, my university has some agreement with Software AG. it is something new at the university and It is not evident to find somebody who excels in webmethods.

By default, Integration Server is configured to run under university server, personns who install it are not from the university, so i can’t find help at the university.

By default, http://localhost:5555 is not configured, so i have a question, is Integration Server installed by default on my PC, or if is installed on a server i can not use it on my PC localy.

thank you all :smile:

Well those are GREAT news indeed.

I don’t know what kind of VMWare distrubution was made, if Linux ( Ubuntu, Suse?) or Windows based. Depending the OS you might get Designer/Developer (Windows only).

I assume they should have attach some document or PDF along with the image explaining how to start services.

This kind of images tend to have local copies of services, to let you play with them. Probably you must have some “Startup” folder with icons to start the different servers ( If Windows you can check services starting with “Software AG " or "webMethods”.

If for any bad luck the IS is on a remote host, you will be very limited to the permissions they granted for you.

In which country is your university located? :smiley:

Hope this helps.

I’m from France,

VMWare distrubution is Windows XP based, Designer/Developer are installed on.

when at the University, we use a remot server where all services are installed.

we use allways something like (it is not the real adresse, it is just an exemple how look the remote adress connexion).

But, we can download ISO files that contains a Virtual machine where is installed Developer/Designer and we can use thems at home.

Is there any way to get only IS and install it localy or is any way to restor local parameters to set them to use IS localy.

Thank you all

Well if the image only contains Developer/Designer you MUST have network access to IntegrationServer and MWS.

Developer and Designer can’t do anything.

You need to ask URL’s for both, IS and MWS plus a user with proper permissions to do things.

It’s sad but would be better if the image you got would have the rest of the services you could run locally to play.

No there is no way to install locally if they haven’t provided it with the image.

Which version of wM they provided?


thank you for answers,

yes IS/WMS are not provided with the image,

Whene, i spoke to my teacher, he gave me another images witch contains IS/WMS

thank you for your answers


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