How is server Administrator page loaded

Just want to know how the values of Statistics are loaded.
Values like total sessions, system threads, service threads and service errors are populated.

Where are these values stored in IS server ?

What services are used to load these values ?


Not registered yet??

Anyway these values are obtained by invocation of flow services. You could look at the .DSP page itself to find out which services are invoked (usually wm.server and in this case wm.server.query.*).

Remember that these services are not public and could change in the future if webMethods decides to.



The IS used DSP’s are stored in the WmRoot package and it accessed internally by all the built-in packages.

PS:No right to change these package contents.


I look at the DSP pages and found the flow services that are used.
Run the services and got the values.
But I wanted to know, how does IS save these values or from which files IS picks these values ?

If possible you should go deep and check those DSP code how the data is retrieving and displaying.


The Svc that you are looking for is “wm.server.query:getResourceSettings”

As correctly advised, dont you this service for production code. This is non-public, undocumented and can change anytime (per webM wishes) svc.

Nevertheless, we use this service whenever we do load test of any kind; this helps us to monitor and log server resources during long running automated load tests.


I tried the dsp pages but this pages are used only for display. so not much on how and where these values are stored

It would be helpfully, if any one can give some guidelines on this

I dont think these values would be stored somewhere. Rather, it will calculate these values for display whenever the admin page is accessed by the dsp.

my thoughts,

BTW, why you need to know where it is stored on server? may we can help suggest another solution on that problem description? let us know.

I want to know, because everyweek we clean up the errors. mostly unimportant onces like ftp errors. services errors are left which are used for analysis.
error are directed to database, every week we select picked errors and delete them from the database.
I was under the assumation that the total error count is updated accordingly, but even after deleting certain errors, error count on the page is not updated.
Other statistics values like sessions, memory useage, are pulled from stats.log
So basically, how do I update the error count

no response from anyone. can some one please help

i think, it may not be pulling data from stats.log, but it may be using same source that writes to stats.log