How do you define views in PAC?

I read the manual, it talks about the predict utility SYSDICBE.

The manual says:
“When initially invoked from PAC, the Predict SYSDICBE utility unloads Predict objects to a work file from the FDIC file specified on the application status link definition.”

How do you invoke SYSDICBE from PAC? I see how to invoke it from predict, but not from pac.

I have a new database file, and a ddm of it, but our PAC event fails because PAC can’t find the DDM.


did you do a migration event to bring in the DDM to PAC?

No I didn’t, that’s what I don’t know how to do.

Dear Adabasdba,

PAC invokes the SYSDICBE utility internally during an migration event. For migrating predict objects to PAC basically you need to run the following steps.

  1. Add Predict-Application (in SYSPAC)
  2. Add Status of your predict application (SYSPAC)
  3. Link status to Predict Application (from step 1 - SYSPAC)
  4. Modify (or better COPY/MODIFY) example job “OS_PREDICT_MIGRATE_IN” (MVS) / "VS_PREDICT_MIGRATE_IN (VSE) - concerning your environment (SYSPAC).
  5. Add migration event for the predict application (from step 1 - SYSPAC)
  • Migration needs to run in BATCH
  • Specify JOB (modified in step 4
  1. Submit JOB (SYSPAC)

If you have a look to the example JCL “OS_PREDICT_MIGRATE_IN” - the SYSDICBE utility will be “invoked” when performing step 2/4/5 while executing the objects TRNPEVTI, TRNPRDST

Hope this answers your question, J

Thank you Jorg.

I found the predict application “PREDICT”. I created an event, approved it, submitted it.

The job failed with the message “Event not locked for migration, function aborted.”. I can’t find anything in the manuals about “locking” an event.


Thanks to Diane Bitters, I’ve got it fixed.

When I created the new file, I defined it to Predict, however I should have also defined it to PAC. Then the program migration failed, locking the Predict coordinator. That made my job to define the new file to PAC to fail.

Diane suggested I unlock the Predict coordinator, which I did, which enabled my PAC event to define the new file to PAC to work, which enabled the event to migrate the program using the new view to work.

Thanks Diane and Jorg!

Nice to hear, that this finally has been solved.

Have a nice day, J