How do we set an attribute for an EDI doc


I have installed an EDI document type on TN Server.
I want to extract some attributes from this type of EDI document. In case of XML doucment, we can define and extract custom attribute thru TN console. But in case of an EDI doucment It does not allow us to edit that document type. I m trying to set custom attribute for an EDI document by using service. But not able to save the attribute in TN server.
Kindly suggest, how to do it , or what could be the problem



The webMethods EDI Adapter for Trading Networks Users Guide states on page 19 in the section named “Limitations of EDI Document Attributes and Processing Rules”:

“…user-defined attributes cannot be extracted for EDI document types…Accordingly, user-defined (or content-based) document processing rules cannot be created for EDI document types.”

The bottom-line is that, until wM changes how the EDI Adapter and EDI Adapter for TN work, you can’t do what you’ve outlined.