How do i install workflow ?

Hi friends,
I already hav webmethods 6.0.1 but its basic installation without workflows,now i wanna install workflows in my system how do i do that?
Thank you

Is there something about the installation documentation that is unclear?

Hi Andy,

webmethods workflow can be installed using the installer…run the installer and point ur wm root dir to the existing installation.

Hope this helps.

Hi Anitha
Thank you very much,during the selection of the components to install i shld select only workflow server rite because all other components are already installed

you have to select both the workflow server and the workflow client… Also if you intend to use the worflow servlet to host the inbox…then you have to select that option too…

You might want to refer to the installation doc…it has a clear explanation of what you have to choose.

Hope this helps.

I also have a question about this.
Do we have a seperate installer for workflows or is it the same one we use to install the entire webmethods.
When we install the entire webmethods, we select the components. So do I have to do it again and select just workflow.
Any other things i have to consider while doing this.
Thanks in advance.

Its the same installer. webMethods does not have installer for each product…its the webMethodsInstaller available from advantage which you need to use for this purpose.
Also…depending on the requirement to install the products, you can run it anytime choosing the ones you want to install.

Hope this helps.

Thnx Anitha,
I have one more question while installing workflows it asks me
the Host name,Connection port and RMI registry port what shall i give it ?

the hostname basically is the server where u r trying to install workflow…u can leave the connection port and RMI port at the default 5000/5001 unless there is something running on those ports…in that case…change it to some port number which is available.

Hope this helps.

Thnx very much anitha,
i using localhost : 5501 in my developer shld i give 5501 as my connection port? if yes then wat abt RMI registry port and after installin workflows do i hav to again open workflow configuration to configure SSL,database and all that stuff or i can start rite away

Hi friends,
I have installed workflows and i have configured it…but wen i open it it displays the following message
“Unable to refresh jar file.Please try later”
Plsss help

Hey friends,
I have installed workflows now i read in the installation guide that i have to configure it using workflow configurator…in one of the steps it asks me the Central host name which i have given as my production server name where i hav to solve the issue and what abt the connection host name and registry port …is the connection host port the port where my production server is there or any free port will do…plsssss help