How do I associate a user with a partner?


I created a user ftp using the IS web front end. But when I upload a file I get this error:

ftp> put llk_AFL.txt llk_AFL.txt;application:x-wmflatfile
200 PORT command successful.
150 ASCII mode data connection for llk_AFL.txt;application:x-wmflatfile (,2639).
550 [ISS.0071.9014] Server Error: The user that posted this document (ftp) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.
FTP: 3593 Bytes gesendet in 0,00Sekunden 3593000,00KB/s

How do I associate the user ftp to one of my existing partners?


Put the user name in the �value� field of the External ID Type definition within the Corporate tab of partner you want to associate within the TN Console

What external ID Type should I use?