How do get CentraSite v9.6 Staterkit

I am not able to get the new starter kit for v9.6 or even for 9.0. All I see is starter kit for v8.2 - the latest starter kit. Could someone point me to the right place. Or Could tell even 8.2 is forward compatible with CentraSite v9.6. I greatly appreciate yoru help.

Hi Krish,
I was informed that even though it says 8.2, you will get the 9.5 version, did you try the download?

Hello Gerald,

I am looking for a CentraSite Active SOA trial copy can you please share the link?

I requested for the download link but I never received one yet.

I requested for the download link at-least 3 times now, but I never received one yet.

Hello Mahesh and others,

can you provide us details about how you requested the download?
We just verified the the download of Community Edition and in our tests the e-mails providing the download link were sent successfully.

In your attempts did you get the confirmation page in the browser which states
“Thank you for requesting CentraSite
If you submitted valid registration data, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download CentraSite …” ?
At this point the e-mail with download details is already sent. Can you also double check your spam folder at this point?

You should have received an e-mail which states as subject “Thank you for your interest in CentraSite Community Edition”

regarding the other question in this thread on the starter kit: The starter kit assets from 82 should also work on 9.x versions. Though some parts like Design or runtime policies only apply to functionalities available in the full version. Reports & taxonomies though can be used also in the community version.


Thanks for getting back real quick. I mailed the SAG tech community team and they responded. I did receive the email after contacting the SAG tech community team.

I will get back to you if I face any issues during the installation of CCE

I am looking for CentraSite version 9.6? Is it available now?

Thanks, Tanveer

You can download and install free trial Centrasite CE. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Krish,

Unfortunately, no body published 9.5/9.6 Starters Kit yet (this is the last one Lets see i’m compiling one but unsure how much time it will take…hope will get that soon


Hi Daniel/All,

I am very new to centraSite concept just run through couple of SAG docs on this topics so to get hands on I have installed trial version of IS+UM with version 9.7 and used Oracle DB as backend and able to see IS is running without any issue

so my next plan to installed centraSite component which is again downloaded 9.5 latest free trial version so before running this image can you confirm do I need to have any other components or package so that CentraSite get installed without any issue ? Do i need to have Wm Mediator package in IS if Yes may i know where should i get this Wm Mediator package for IS version 9.7 Or Is it possible for some one to send that package as zip?

Hello Raj,

While installing CentraSite 9.5 you may not require anything before unless it is compatible with your OS and hardware. However Designer 9.7 is not compatible with CentraSite 9.5 so you will be not able to use its basic functionality with CentraSite that is possible without wM Mediator package.


thanks Tanveer, as i said i am getting start with CentraSite and about to installed trial version 9.7
so tell me Is it advisable to import all these 8.2x files to 9.7 centraSite or it’s not compatible with higher version ?

if not then Do we have such type of sample startup kit for higher version which can be imported and have glance how the features and functionality look a like.