How change the Lenguage of MWS


Can your tell me how can I change the lenguage of MWS please.

Thanks for your help.

Have you had a chance to read this article: ? Does it help?


Hi Ivan,

If you like to create your own language pack for MWS (including changing the Administrator UI language) you can find a tutorial here:


Hi mimel:

I have reviewed the article that I shared it but unfortunately I could not change the language of my MWS, some other option that you hade?

I attach a couple of pictures where I show I want to change the menu language.

Regards, and thanks.

Hi Ivan,

That is a Language Pack issue. What webMethods version do you use?


Hi Vlad:

I use MWS 8.0 and I want issue lenguage “Español-México” I search the package in the community but don´t obtein good results.

thank’s for all!!!

Hi Ivan,

I think you will have to ask SAG to give you the project (Eclipse project) that contains the java files, properties files and the Ant build scripts.

Then you can change the labels as you like.

After you build the project you will get some files in he form:

wm-mws-library_es-mx.jar ;wm-directory_es-mx.jar ;wm-calendar_es-mx.jar ;wm-caf-server_es-mx.jar ;wm-caf-jsf-mws_es-mx.jar... 


The obtained jar and war files will have to be deployed to MWS and to “common\lib”.

For wM version 7.x this steps are described on the SAG site (see link from previous comment). For wM 8.x I could not find them.


Ok, Vlad. Thanks for your support, I will call SAG at obtein package of my lenguage.

Thanks for your support. :smiley: