How central users are distributed to IS

Hi All,
IS/MWS version 10.15

Just wondering how users are distributed to IS when added to MWS with central user management configured using DB. The users/groups I create in MWS are being distributed to IS fine, however the documentation for setting up central user management states that from v10.0 MWS must use Universal Messaging as the JMS provider.
I have not started/configured the UM server on the instance yet it still works. How are these users being distributed, is the IS just reading from the DB?

Thank you

If logon to your MWS and navigate to Administration → My webMethods Server → Cluster Settings, you’ll see that the MWS “cluster” automatically configured for you even if you only have a standalone MWS node.

IS Documentation - The documentation you are referring to (link), also states the purpose of this JMS Provider -

MWS Documentation - If you refer to this link, you’ll see the MWS can use the database as a JMS Provider instead of UM (i.e., when UM is not used) (link) -

Users & Groups - These are not “distributed” to the IS itself (unlike local users and groups), but IS uses the Central Users pool and MWS to perform a lookup at the time of authentication and authorization. My memory is foggy on this logical assumption I’ve made here, so wait for anyone else to reaffirm/correct my assumption.



“Database acts as a JMS provide” to distribute the events. Refer this link for additional info - CDS cluster


Thank you for the detailed reply.
I never added the useDbJms=“true”’ tag in the cluster.xml file to get this configured though, and it is not present in the file when I looked.
In fact I cannot see anywhere it is explicitly mentioned that the DB is being used for central users besides the pool alias on the IS.

This parameter is not present in the cluster.xml by default. You can add it. In this page CDS cluster, you can also find reference where these details are mentioned in documentation. This feature was default originally, then changed with UM where this option was removed, again this was added back.

I see that it can be added, but it isn’t added by default. So without that value added and UM not configured it seems database is still used as provider.

I don’t have a MWS to check. Your assumption might be correct but can you check by

  • do a getconfig in a fresh instance and retrieve cluster.xml
  • notice useJms missing (leave it)
  • you should have another IS pointing to the same central users schema (that’s a CDS acting as cluster)
  • perform add user operation through IS (or MWS) and check the other server from UI pointing to the same central schema to verify the user is reflected without restarting it.
  • any operation (user, group, mapping etc) should get reflected to all the instances that points to same central schema

If it does, then yes, it works by default when the parameter is not explicitly set + UM not configured