how can i set the style sheets for property line control la

hi all,

i have input text control which having client-side validations in it, here i have used the propertyLine control with input text control init, to display the validation errors while typing the data in input text control and to show validation errors for minimum six characters while leaving the input text filed, here i observe that the label of property line field displaying as a bold initialy and if i set the font-size as a 14px to property line, it is effecting input text field height as a 14px, here i need to set the label of propetline
font-size: 10px;
font-weight: normal
font-family: Arial;

but it should not efferct on input text control, inside in it.

anil kumare


You can do this by following procedure.

First, create a file with extrension “.css” (Stylesheet).

paste below code in it.

font-family: arial;

save it and paste it in below path::

i Designer–> Project Explorer -->your project folder --> WEB CONTENT -> here create a folder names CSS and paste above stylesheet in this folder… SAVE…

now Drag this stylesheet onto canvas(PLEASE SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FILE FOR CLEAR IDEA).

now save evry thing and just publish and see…your need is solved…

Property Line Control has Label width property.
So if you just want to change label width, use Label width property.