Transforming a Input Field to Combo box

I transformed a input text field to a combo box. The problem was that i was not able to change its position. I think that option is not present at all. The formatting option is available for the label.

Is there any way so that I can change the position of the combo box? If not, there should be an option because when I am changing an input field to a combo box, its hiding few characters of the label present on the right side. That’s looking very bad.

Please see the screen shot. Please do reply if you have any suggestions.

I got the answer to my question. The formatting can be done by code transformation. The following changes needs to be done.

  1. Register a new transformation in the file GXInstantLogicContext.

instantConfig.addTagListener(new TRANSFORMATIONNAME());

  1. Now make changes in the function “onNewCombobox” in the file(file name is same as the name of the new transformation here its