Applinx 8.1 sp2

Hi, I have a menu with hiperlink, for exemple:


But my leading token is , example.


As to include the caracter > before mine leading token ?


Hi Julio,

Can you please post a GCT file with the screen in question?
A GXAR file will that contains this transformation will also be very helpfull.

Ohad M.

Ohad M., sorry for the delay, the files are attached (8.16 KB) (19.1 KB)

Hi Julio,

Thanks for posting the files…

The “_” represents an Input field on the host screen. In order to remove it you have to add an additional transformation to the screen that will hide input fields that are 1 character long.
If you like to add “>” to every menu option. Here is what you should do:

  1. Open the menu transformation.
  2. Go to the “To Hyperlinks” Tab
  3. In the “Display Value” field add “>” to the beginning of the text.

The “Display Value” field is used to control the appearance of the hyperlinks.

One more suggestion:
I noticed you used a transformation to remove the Hyphen (" - ") from the menu options. This was unnecessary, since you could have used it as the menu transformation’s delimiter.

try the following:

  1. Open the Menu Screen and goto the Transformations Tab
  2. Disable the “Limpar” transformation
  3. In the Menu transformation replace the delimiter value with " - " (no Quotation marks needed)

I hope this helps,

I inserted ">"in the display value, but when I click on the link in the row where the command has the word “>” sign does not appear in the leading token.

THANK YOU (19.1 KB) (8.16 KB)

From what I understand you need the menu link to enter the “>” character in the “Comando” Input, in addition to the text of hyperlink.
Did I get it right?

If that is the case. It is better if you use the “Text to Hyperlink” transformation and not the “Menu” transformation.
The menu transformation will not allow you to edit the text that will be submitted in the input field. (see TextTab.jpg and toHyperLinkTab.jpg)

However, the “Text to Hyperlink” transformation will allow you to add “>” + + PF KEY in the submitted input field.
You will need to perform the transformation on the Left side of the host-screen menu (the OPTION part of the hyperlink) and not on the right side (the description side). See region.jpg