How can I resend same document to partner to receive MDN from Partner

Hello WM expert!!

I’m using EDIINT
And webMethods version is 4.6.1

I want to know how to resend EDI document to EDI partner when my Trading Network do not receive MDN from EDI Parnter for any reason( i.e. electricity failure, network breakdown )
Actually In this case, I cannot check whether my EDI Partner receive EDI document I already sent or not.

Is it possible to resend same document again?
I think it is possible because TN already has this document

So I think I have to resend same document to EDI Partner
to receive MDN from Partner.
Am I right?
Could you tell me the best way to solve this problem?

If its just a single trime 1-100 documents you can simple use TN console and resubmit your document it will trigger send. But if its ongoing production 100000 documanets to be resend create a service that check mdn and resubmit doc.

I tried to resubmit EDIINT document in the TN console. But the result is not successful. The type of document resubmitted was represented ‘Unknown’ and document content was just represented ‘$tnReprocesses=FROM_PIPE’. Would you tell me how you resubmit EDIINT documents in the TN console? (recognise) only works for xmldoc contents

I know this sounds painful but with v4.6, you will have to build a service for which you would nominate the bizdoc identifier (internalId) of the message you want to resend.
Then either
a) (preferred) get the payload contentPart and other parts of the original bizdoc (may even need ediint contentPart) and use wm.EDIINT:send to submit the new document to TN
b) create a new bizdoc that is a copy of the original except it has a new internalId and call, relating the new document to the original document

Are you getting Unknown error when you reprocess EDIINT tansaction instead of resubmitting ? What is the user Status when the document is failed first time ?

Hello wMUsers Members,
I have been recently working on the Mainframe Integration Server(MIS). Could you all share your views on the technologies ‘Direct Transaction Mapping(DTM)’ and ‘Distributed Transaction Routing(DTR)’.

Thanks in advance.