How can I determine if restart was manual or automatic?

I am unable to identify if the frequent server restarts are happening on it’s own or being triggered by someone.
Is there any tricks to find out how? or what Should I look in my server logs?



You can always track this based on the user started (system admin user vs user that has given admin rights) in the startup/server logs who has initiated the batch scripts…

Please check with your wM admins as well and determine if any daemon job is auto restarting the IS abruptly (assuming its very often in any given day).


Hi Shubham,

usually there is no planned restart of IntegrationServer configured.

Is there any thing in the server.log (IntegrationServer/instances/default/logs) and/or wrapper.log (profiles/IS_default/logs) indicating a root cause for the restart?

Which version of wM are you referring to?


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Just a clue, can you enable the security logs on the IS and see if that captures the user name who restarts the server.