How can I customize NATdoc language and create new Tags?


I have a problem when I try to customize the NATdoc result language.
I unzip in a different local folder and I translate the readme_language.txt file.

When I generate NATdoc using the wizard I select the “Use custom template” option and select the local folder with the custom templates, the HTML generated haven’t been translaled.

Does anybody know what’s the problem? Can you help me?

Another cuestion, Can I create new Tags, and customize them into NATdoc?

Thanks and best regards,

The content of readme_laguage.txt lists all the words you have to translate in ALL html documets include in the .zip file. So, you have to use some program like Notepad++ for replace those words “by hand” in the rest of files, except help.html that you have to translate it completely.

About custom tags…No idea, lets see if anybody knows how to do it.

Javi :stuck_out_tongue: