Hot Fix 30 installation information


Can someone provide info on how to download and apply a hot fix on webMethods Integration Server? Is there a knowledge article/documentation or hyper-link on how to do this? We are on webMethods 9.7 and trying to apply the latest hot fix 30.

Please let me know any pointers to that.


Hi Michelle,

I think IS 9.7 is already EOSS, not supported unless you’ve signed up for extended support. If you are a customer with valid EME contract, suggest you to log a case with SAG global support to seek for assistance.

Hi Michelle,

I agree with Mike.

You can try to open UpdateManager and select the Fix there to be downloaded to an image file.
This image file can then be transported to then target host when the target host does not have access to internet.

Additionally I would suggest to upgrade to at least 9.12 to get further assistance from Global Support Services.
Additional releases with long term support are 10.1, 10.3 and 10.5 which has been released recently in October 2019.