Host for study and reference

Is there an Adabas-Natural host for studies and references around here?

Are you looking for the link to the Downloads, Documentation page and Wiki articles ? They are still on the original TECHcommunity page. Only the Forum section was moved to this new site.

You might want to bookmark it, or it can be found under the Topic List icon (the 3 horizontal bars on top heading line, right side.

Hope that helps.

George pointed you to a host for related documentation. If you were looking for a host to execute programs (“studies and reference” is not very specific as to your requirements), then the best you can hope for is the Community editions of Natural and Adabas to be installed on your own Windows-based hardware (or Docker container). Those versions are very similar in functionality to their mainframe counterparts.

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@Ralph_Zbrog you’re right, I wasn’t so clear on this question.
I thought there could be a host for educational purpose where we could access and run experimental Natural programs.

In regards to further adhoc projects and potential educational items, I am creating a Github repo for others to access, collaborate, improve and use (involving a suite of tools including a web front end). Only the start of how we can advance Natural in the world. Hoping others can contribute or start their own over time.

For more info, check out my blog. - i’ll be dedicating a post to the new github repo including natural code adhoc features.