Hiding Flow service code

Hi all,

How do you hide the source code on any flow/java service in wm6.XX. I would like to replicate the way wmPublic services are hidden. If there is a way to hide the service details on deploying the package would be very handy

Remove java.frag file from the following location

There’s no way to hide Flow service source code. After all, it is XML underneath. i.e. no compilation.
The only way is to assign a new ACL to the folders and services for READ ACL. However, anyone who creates exact same ACL and assigns to their user ID will be able to view it. This is same for all internal wM services.

As for Java services, delete all *.java, *.frag and *.idf files in the packages.


yes, there is no way to hide the souce code for flow service.
But for java service, removing the file ‘java.frag’ would be enough to remove the source code, no other files need to be removed.

Always try to backup those .frag file, this will be required when migrating to newer version of wM.