Hide help button in Search Bar

Hello guys:

I need to hide the help button (question mark) which is right side of keyword field in the search bar control…

Thx in advance.


That control has the id of “keywordsHelpIcon”, so you can lookup the component and disable it as in the following snippet:

	public String initialize() {
		try {
		    resolveDataBinding(INITIALIZE_PROPERTY_BINDINGS, null, "initialize", true, false);

		    UIComponent helpBtn = findComponentInRoot("keywordsHelpIcon");
			return OUTCOME_OK;
		} catch (Exception e) {
			return OUTCOME_ERROR; 


Thanks! It work!

Where can I found this documentation?

best regards.

We don’t have detailed documentation over all the id’s of controls found in these aggregate controls. However, in 8.x we have a new feature that allows you to ‘de-compose’ these controls into their distinct components and then you can manipulate them like any other control on the canvas.


ok, somebody told me about this feature, how can I found this feature?


Any ideas about how to de-compose controls?


It is a right click menu option on some of the complex controls. It is called ‘Customize’. I’ll attach some documentation on it shortly.

Here is some preliminary documentation.
ta-caf-cust-ui-controls.pdf (107 KB)

Hello guys, I need to know also the name of the control of the keyword input field inside the search bar control.

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The easiest way to find that out is to use FireBug. Load up Firebug in Firefox and use the Inspection tool to select the keyword input. You’ll see that it shows an input with an id something like: jsfwmp9536:defaultForm:searchBar:keywordsTextInput

Now you can find the id of the input control or any other control on the page.

Hello guys:
i’m new in software AG and i’m using webmethods 8.2. I’m trying to implement a search portlet application.
The minor problem is that i cannot personalize the portlets.
Can anybody tell me how to customize the search query to search on the DB table using IS Flow service ?


what are you trying to search? which query do you want to customize. please mention complete details.

I’m using a flow service that calls an Adapter Service ( JDBC adapter using Custom SQL template ).
I want to customize the where condition of the sql query based on the Search bar’s search condition.
For example i want to search the employees by name or/and by surname.
How can i customize the search query to reflect the search condition selected on the Search Bar (AND , OR).

AND case
Select * from employee where employee_name like ? AND employee_surname like ?
OR case
Select * from employee where employee_name like ? OR employee_surname like ?


Use dynamic SQL in adapter services for changing where clause at run time. for info on how to use it see ‘6-5_JDBC_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide’.

Thank you Anjni,
it was very useful