Help setting up multiple services on same DirectIS server

Trying to set up an outbound call from Natural to an external service (natural subprogram → RPC - > webMethods → third party service). There is already another service set up on this DirectRPC server. The pre-existing service uses the stub subprogram BDYNESRQ and the new service uses the stub program BIDSESRQ.

I am able to set up both services and both show enabled in the EntireX Listeners list. However, only the first service to be enabled works. The other one gets an error like this:

±-------------------------------- RPCERROR ----------------------------------+
| |
| Natural error number: NAT6977 |
| Natural error text : |
| EntireX RPC error on Server, reason 8000310 com.softwareag.entirex.dynamicr |
| |
| RPC error information: |
| 00000000 Successful response |
| |
| Server Node: ESBDW4701.NBC.LOCAL:1973 Library: |
| Server Name: DIRECTIS Program: |
| Line No: |
| EntireX RPC error information: |
| com.softwareag.entirex.dynamicrpc.MetaDataException: program BIDSESRQ not f |
| ound in metadata (available programs=BDYNESRQ) |

If I disable both services and then enable them again in the opposite order (enable second service, then enable first service) then the second service works and the first one gets an error like the one above but saying the other program is not found.

It appears that enabling a service is not working if there is already another service enabled on the same server. Is there something I am missing about setting up more than one service on a DirectIS server?

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Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I have some development on hold while I try to figure this out.

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