Invalid use of DirectRPC

I am attempting to call a third-party web service from Natural on the mainframe through WebMethods ESB. I’ve defined a direct RPC listener connection which I can see is enabled on the server. When I try to perform the CALLNAT on the mainframe, I get an error 04000003, invalid use of DirectRPC. Is there some setting I need in the mainframe to cause it to use direct RPC rather than RPC?

I’ve been playing around with different settings in SYSRPC and the listener definition for several days with no luck and I’m very frustrated. This is for a project that was supposed to be delivered last week, and the ability to make this outbound call is our last hurdle. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Direct RPC means the IS adapter contains embedded Entirex (EXX) Broker.

Your Natural is EXX client connected to above mentioned embedded Broker.
The listener inside IS listens on a port as if it is a Broker.

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Looks like you have a server registered to that service which is not a listener.
Check the “Direct RPC Administration” screen in IS Admin.

Your listener connection has to be of type “EntireX RPC Listener Connection”.

Thanks for the help. I found that the problem was actually that we had a server and a listener trying to use the same service in EntireX.