Help needed. How to install Tamino API4J 3.1.2 with JSDK 1.4


can anybody please tell me, how to install the Tamino API 3.1.2 with JSDK 1.4.
When I try the setup program I get the message, that I need Java SDK 1.3.

Thanks in advance.

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You are right, the installation checks, wether there is a JDK 1.3 or JRE 1.3 on the machine.

I see several workarounds:
1. Install JDK 1.3 or JRE 1.3 (can be done in parallel to 1.4). After TaminoAPI4J installation you may again remove JDK 1.3 or JRE 1.3.
2. Install the API on another machine, which has JRE 1.3 and copy all files from that machine.
3. Install the API on a machine, which has a Tamino XML Server installed. Tamino always installs a JRE 1.3.

Hope this helps…