Help in GetcontentPartData


I am getting this error in TN. Could you guys please help me to resolve this issue TRNSERV.000026.000003 Error retrieving content of content part xmldata of document 58gpl00v1gj3cffj00000140. The exception message is : TRNSERV.000026.000002 Content for Part xmldata of document 58gpl00v1gj3cffj00000140 does not exist in TSpace. at at at at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at

I have these settings in TN
tn. Tspace. Location=D:\TnTemp

Are you giving right inputs to GetcontentPartData service?what is the type of data is it large xml or edi or ff?? also let us know some more details of your custom serviceā€¦


I am getting EDIINT file from my partner and the payload is large XML file coming to TN, where i kick off a service and the input in my service is BizDocEnvelope.
I am using getcontentpartdata as my first service and then using xml string to xml node as my next service. When i do a trace, after getcontentpartdata it is going into the catch directly.
The inputs in getcontentpartdata are:

  1. partname: xmldata ( I have checked the file and gave it as XMLDATA )
  2. getAs : stream

Thanks for ur help in advance.