help in creating IS Tables and MWS Tables in respective Schemas

Hi All,

I have two seperate DB schemas for integration and MWS.
am planning to create respective IS and MWS Tables in two IS and MWS Databse schemas, am using DB Component Configurator.

In Database component Options it has below steps.

PRODUCT - Integration Server
PRODUCT - My webMethods
PRODUCT - Optimize
PRODUCT - Trading Networks

please any one help me which option i need to select to create IS Related Tables in IS DB Schema and MWS Related Tables in MWS DB Schema.

Anil Kumar ellendula


Choose PRODUCT - Integration Server for creating IS related components which will have ISCoreAudit, ISInternal, ProcessAudit, ProcessEngine, Reporting, Staging , BPEL, Blaze, CrossReference, DistributedLocking etc.

Choose PRODUCT - My webMethods for MWS which will have DB components like MWS and CentalConfiguration.

For TN and Optimise you need to do it explicitely … i would advise you to do it per component rather than going for the group if you are not planning to use all the components… if you are going to use all components say BPEL, Blaze etc… then it make sense to install the components through Product-IS group at a single shot.


Hi nd,

Thanks for reply,
am using BPEL, Blaze advisor also

Can you tell me in which DB Schema i need to created PRODUCT - Optimize,
PRODUCT - Trading Networks tables, as i said to you i am using two different schemas for IS respective Database tables in IS DB Schema and MWS respective tables in MWS DB Schema, so can you please advise me in vch DB schema do i need to create tables of PRODUCT - Optimize,
PRODUCT - Trading Networks.

Anil kumar ellendula

When you define a JDBC pool, that matches one of those options using dbconfiguratorUI.

PRODUCT - Integration Server → Corresponds to JDBC Urls for ISInternal
PRODUCT - Trading Networks → corresponds to the IS JDBC pool TN.
PRODUCT - Optimize → Corresponds to the database URL you configure ( and map ) when configuring environments in MWS to be used with BAM.
PRODUCT - My webMethods → corresponds to the URL you configure on MWS when define a instance ( which is shared with IS JDBC pool for CentralUsers ).

When you create tables after using one or other options, the log ends telling you the name of the individual components been created.

The option “PRODUCT - XXX” means is a group of separate components which are typically grouped, however you can decide to separate this schemas more, and for that you can follow this guide [url][/url] starting on page 27.

At the end you need to decide a proper balance between the number of schemas and URL’s for better performance and easy administration.

For example, if you use same schema for ISInternal, ProcessAudir, Process Engine and TN that means you will configure 1 pool alias, and for the components mentioned you select this pool. This will be easy to administer but can have performance issues.
You can decide create a schema per pool, which will have better performance ( less deadloks ) but will be harder to administer.

I’ve notice you raise lots of questions, but doing a forum search and reading some documents before posting seems a good practice you are not following.

Hi devNull,

thanks for reply for such brief information on my topic.

Before raising this topic i have gone throught the installation guide briefly i.e [url][/url], but no where crealy mentioned about group tables installation in different schemas and also didnot brief much information what are the steps need to take care incase of different DB schemas, so i got so many doubts on this , i have read the installation guide three time before raising this topic, but i didnot get clear information on this.

i have created the tables in Different schemas for confirmation and for more information which i didnot understood by reading installation guide to get correct information i have posted topic.

Any have thanks for good information.

Anil Kumar ellendula