Help in Configuring Trading Networks with Oracle 10g Express Edition

I tried to configure Oracle 10g Express Edition in webMethods 7.1.1 and unable to succeed.

Error in Server Log of IS as below:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: The main connection to the datastore has not been initialized. Check the Trading Networks JDBC connection pool.

When i try to Restart TN in IS Admin:
com.wm.dd.jdbc.base.BaseSQLException: [wm-cjdbc36-0007][Oracle JDBC Driver]No more data available to read.

Connection Setttings:
Database URL: jdbc:wm:oracle://:8080;serviceName=XE

have you created all the necessary tables?

Since I used the Port Number where we browse the console i had this issue, I changed it to 1521 and it works fine now, thanks !