Help !!! Help !!! Help !!!

Hi team,

Anyone there to help me in getting some information or useful links (guide or manual) on Legacy predict case tool.?

I come to know that the PREDICT CASE is a Program Composer tool which provides a facility for identification and association of reusable blocks of code. It associates various object types with Frames that are specific to a System Function Type. (source: software AG).

Please advice how to get the basic or detailed documentation about this tool.

Highly appreciate your time and help in this.

Sorry for posting the wrong link (PAC instead of PCA) in the other thread.

As the PCA documentation isn’t online anymore (we are talking about a product released 27 years ago and out of support for quite a while) you can only try contacting support and ask if it is still available in an archive.

Yes wolfgang. Your right. this is old legacy tool as i could not find any related document in software AG.

As per your comment, will contact support team. Appreciate your time. Thanks