Any guide or manual on Predict case tool

Hi all,

In our application, we use PREDICT case for creating a frame and system function, create new natural objects using Predict case options by entering appropriate information’s and compile it. that way, it create the natural objects in specified library. Predict application control to migrate the components from and to environment.

I would like to know more information on PREDICT case tool as i am new to this. Is there any manual or guide available for this. If so please share the link to it.

Appreciate your time and help.

Hi wolfgang winter,

Its hard luck for me to get into that. i got an error when tried accessing it. I believe i am not privileged to enter to that documents forum.

An error occurred while accessing the resource

Server Error 403
Access forbidden
Access to the requested resource has been denied

Kindly advise how to get into that. Thanks again.

Have a look if “Documentation” is selected as an “Area of interest” in your forum profile.

Your right, Wolfgang. I dint check on DOCUMENTATION. Also when i tried editing my profile, I could not select documentation as it was DISABLED… :frowning:

Sorry, can’t help here, you will need to ask the forum admins on what is involved to be able to access the documentation,
but I guess it may require a linked Empower user id.

Which customer are you working for ?
best regards Karlheinz Kronauer

Hi Wolfgang, it works fine now. I could access it now after contacting admin. Thanks for your note.

Also i am afraid you shared the link only for Predict application control which i am already aware. But i am looking for PREDICT CASE which is used to create the program by giving appropriate instructions and information’s in predict case by have system function, frame etc etc…

I have no idea about this.

Please let me know if any info required.

Hi Karlheinz Kronauer,

I am not in a position to reveal that as per the strict policy. Dont mind.

Hi People,

Anyone help me in getting some information or useful links (guide or manual) to learn about old legacy predict case tool.?

I come to know that the PREDICT CASE is a Program Composer tool which provides a facility for identification and association of reusable blocks of code. It associates various object types with Frames that are specific to a System Function Type. (source: software AG).

Please advice how to get the documentation on this?

Appreciate all your time and help on this.