Hardware Migration wM6.5 due to data center change


our data center will be moved from location A to location B. our wM environment is on solaris. as part of the data center change our wM prod & test boxes(including dB server) will also be moved. this move will change the IP, host name of our boxes. My questions are as follows:
we have wM IS 6.5, wM reverse proxy IS6.5, TN, jdbc & sap adapters

  1. will wM come up after the physical box is moved from Location A to B and started.
  2. if known config details are updated with new IP, host name what other details we have to keep in mind.

Please advice the impact of such a move, details that need to be followed as both our PROD & TEST will move on the same day since our architecture uses the same proxy server for test & prod. our DB server will also move on the same day. The worst thing is there is NO ROLLBACK as data center contract is over…

Any help is much appreciated.


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