Handling Java Framework Testing through webMethods


I am Working on some Existing code and code is wriiten in such a way that webMethods calling Java Program and in turn that is using all captured data in Java framwork. During Analysis I found that java code is wriiten in form of JAR file and placed inside main Package/Code/Jar section.

So, flow of complete framework is like -

webMethods main Flow Service =>JAR File => It contains set of Java Programs

It’s a core Framework and complex, I wanted to Test it in form of Step Mode, just like we do in webMethods.
Can anybody tell me how can we Test this webMethods+Java Framework in Step mode.

I tried to use Eclipse set Break Point and capture Run time data for Java Part, but till now there is no success.
If anybody worked such problem, please guide step by step.



You can step into the methods inside JAR by debugging the java service which is calling these methods. This can be done by generating test harness for the java service and setting breakpoints in desiger. Please refer to the demo given in this link - http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/webmethods/products/esb_and_integration/c9062435-feb3-11e2-bf90-cd8d7ef22065/?title=Editing+and+Debugging+Java+Services

Thanks Mervin,

But it’s near to my problem. My Problem is bit different -

The complete flow is divided into webmethods and Java Framework. And during EDI processing, webmethods Java Service, simply calls main program of Framework and in return that Java framework process all EDI segments and it’s a huge framework.

For debugging this issue, I want a way that can work as bridge between webMethods pipeline value and that Jar which having all Java files. So that I could run whole application as one.


Alok Suman


I suggest to

  1. unjar the custom jar, exact out the classes[Java Decompiler].
  2. capture the input of java class in designer.
  3. Switch to java development, write a custom class to pass-on the input.
  4. debug :slight_smile:

I don’t think any other option as if now. Let see what other experts have to say.