Handling Errors calling external web services


I have to call an external web service each time a record is inserted on a table of our database. (I’m using Integration Server 7.1.1)

So the following was done:

  • I created an Insert Adapter Notification monitoring the table where the insert was being performed.

  • Pointed a Broker/Trigger expecting the document generated by the Adapter Notification to a Flow Service (Flow created in Step5)

  • Created an Endpoint Alias in ISAdmin Page (So migration to production is easier)

  • Created a Consumer Web Service Descriptor and setting the End Point Alias in the Binder Tab.

  • Created a Flow service that accept the Notification Adapter Document as Input and that its only job is to call a web service using a connector generated in step 4.

So everything works nice in perfect conditions.

But I was wondering,

  • How do I handle errors like:

  • [LIST]
  • The external Web Service is down.

  • [LIST]
  • The Internet in our company is down

Do I use the “Retry ISRuntimeException” property on the flow? Can I resubmit it the Failed Flow Service in MWS Portal?

Francisco Pereira

I would say if anything goes wrong between subscribing the document from adapter notification and webservice call then just throw an exception and exit with failure, so that you can resubmit the transaction from Monitor or WMS.

And enable the audit logging in the IS flow service properties tab so that you can manage resubmits thru the MWS Monitoring page.