Halstead McCabe Metrics

Can anyone explain what these mean? Is there an industry standard being followed for each measurement?

Hi Gilles,
There is no industry standard on this, but McCabe and Halstead are
the most serious metrics used in practise to calculate the complexity
of programs. McCabe is based on the number of decision points, Halstead is based on the number of operands and operators in programs. Both have build their theory upon that basic calculation. For getting more information, you can either buy the books written by Halstead and McCabe or doing some research in the web.
regards Karlheinz

Hi, have the Halstead & McCabe metrics reporting capabilities been removed from Natural Engineer?
I can’t find them where I would have expected them to be, and where I’m pretty sure they used to exist.
If they have been removed, has any functionality been added to NEE to produce reports of a similar cyclomatic complexity, size, difficulty etc nature?
tx, Debbie

Should still be there. On the PC right hand click on an application, Application Metrics then Object Statistics. On the mainframe/unix/linux it’s Object Statistics report from option ‘T’ Application Metrics from the Environment menu having selected an application.

NB: The metrics will have had to be previously generated either during the load process (check ini file parameter [LOAD] METRICS=Y) or by running Generate Application Metrics - RH Click on an application name, Application Maintenance and then Generate Application Metrics.

This is at NEE8221

Awesome - tx Graham :slight_smile: