Code coverage

I am new to Natural. Are there any code coverage analysis tools available for Natural language?


Hmm … still nothing :frowning:

I can perform the code coverage analysis in C, C++, or Java, but now I need something similar in Natural. Does anybody know about some tools, that would help me to do it?

Or … maybe you don’t know, what the code coverage analysis is? :twisted:


We provide a product called Natural Engineer that you can use to
calculate the code coverage on source code (!) base, not on run time.
For example, you have statistics, how many times Natural statements
appear in the source code, or you can search for certain statement usage on object or on application level.
I addition, you have McCabe and Halstead complexity metrics available, based on number of decision points, operands and operators in the programs.
best regards Karlheinz

Dear Karlheinz,

Thank you very much for your reply.

If I understand you corectly, Natural Engineer measures the statistics based on the overall source code base, so for example, I cannot just run a test program, and obtain the statistics only of the program, subprograms, subroutines, etc., THAT HAVE BEEN USED to execute the test? I get the statistics over ALL source files, not necessarily those, that are required for the given functionality currently under testing. Right?

Since we are doing the analysing on a module basis, it is important to us to be able to restrict the statistics to the given test program and all dependant items, as described above.

Moreover, I would need the statistics of the source code lines (excluding define data blocks and comments), that were executed during the test. It is not the same, as having the statistics of the given Natural statements.

It is nice to have the McCabe complexity metrics available. On what level such metrics is evaluated? On the program level, subprogram level, subroutine … ?

One more information: I need this tool to be able to run on Windows XP …

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Hi TLis,
With Natural Engineer, you can run the analysis on object level or for
the complete application. Even you can build groups of source objects, selections regarding the object types or a selection with wild card notation
on the object name.
But, as I told, its a source code analysis and not a runtime analysis.
The McCabe metrics, you will get on object level, subroutine, program, etc level .
And , Natural Engineer is available on windows XP. You have either to
download/systrans) the source code or if you are usingg SPoD you can access the code directly from the systemfile.
best regards Karlheinz

Hi again,

Thanks for the information. Probably I should take a closer look at Natural Enginneer … :slight_smile:

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Hi Tlis,
Good idea, that i would recommend as well.
BTW - you can order a free trial copy of Natural Engineer as
part of the Natural Productivity Package through the Software AG -
Products - Natural webside.
best regards Karlheinz

You can order the trial copy here :wink:



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