NEE Report questions - Halstead Metrics

Hello everyone:
Quick question about the “Object Statistics” report… The Halstead Metrics – can anyone tell me what the HalTime metric signifies. I have found good explanations and examples for all of the other metrics that this report lists, but the Time metric seems to be one that is ignored by the civilized world. Does anyone know 1) the units that used in this report, and 2) the Time to do WHAT, exactly? Thanks.

I have found some information on Software Measurement at the following site:

It is an unofficial site by a research student so I cannot guarantee the exact content but it might help.

Thank you, Graham. The site does mention the Time metric, but not in any practical context, nor does it explain how it can be applied. It seems that the explanation MAY imply that the metric estimates the amount of time (in seconds) that it will take for an experienced programmer to understand WHAT the program does and HOW it does it… Maybe… :?