Hacking the flowxml file

Is it possible to hack the flow.xml file and have the changes show up in Developer?

I created some data mappings in the same format as in the flow.xml file, but when I paste them in and reload the service in Developer, the changes do not register.

Has anybody tried this??

It’s possible. You’ll need to reload the package to force changes to the flow.xml to be discovered.

It’s not the safest way to make modifications to your flow service though.

That did it!

So obviously reloading the package yields different results than just reloading the individual service.

Reloading the service retrieves the service definition from the server; which is the current version the server has loaded. The service definitions are read from disk at package load time and stored in memory.

Reloading the package forces the Integration Server to load the service definitions from disk.

Reloading the service can be used when another person modifies and saves a service and you want to see what changes were made.