GUI IDE acceptance

For 20 years I have encouraged Natural developers to adopt a GUI IDE. As the standard green-screen editor will soon be deprecated, I am interested in how well the GUI environments have been accepted. Please respond to the poll, below.

Studio refers to the IDE within Natural for Windows.
ONE refers to the Natural plug-in for Eclipse.

  • I have used only green-screen editors
  • I have used Studio, but not ONE
  • I have used ONE, but not Studio
  • I have used Studio and ONE, but prefer Studio
  • I have used Studio and ONE, but prefer ONE

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I would be pleased to read your preferences for Studio or ONE. Please send them along via the Forum’s messaging facility.

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In order to get a clear picture re. GUI acceptance the poll misses the option “I have used Studio / ONE but still prefer the green-screen editors” (and why), imho.

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