Editing / Reviewing Dialogs from Natural for Open Systems (LUW)

Hey all,

I watched a few videos showing the functionality of the eclipse-based editor. The majority of the features specified were already available on the LUW graphical user interface, except for the much better integration with repo/source control.

One of the features that I did not see demonstrated in any way is an implementation of the graphical dialogs which are present in Natural for Open Systems.

Can someone confirm if the concept of dialogs exists in NaturalONE on a Windows/Unix system, and that existing functionality has been properly brought into the Eclipse-based editor?


Until recently ONE offered no support of dialogs. Today you can edit and save them with ONE, but you cannot test them there. Dialogs are executable only in a Natural for Windows environment.


what did you mean with graphical dialogs?

WebUI, GUI or CLI?

I have a testable softwaredesgin for the CLI, aka Maps.

If you are intresseted send me a message.

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Markus Wessjohann

Hi Markus,

I believe that Ralph fairly directly addressed my concerns. I’m mainly concerned with GUI dialogs which are designed in Natural for Windows. Our business deploys only internally, and we have moved completely away from MAPS and towards GUI interfaces which produce excel, pdf and XML content.

Ralph, would you please elaborate a little further on the recent interface. It is a full blown GUI editor (move/manage/edit individual element properties) or is it simply editing the text backend of a GUI dialog? How come a dialog is not executable in Eclipse? It seems like it could be simple for SAG to develop a plugin using CLI to launch individual dialogs from within the editor.


I realized that I had better get my facts straight and not rely on memory, so I have provided a link to the documentation.


The manual path is

  • NaturalONE 9.1.2
  • Using NaturalONE
  • Working with Natural Objects in Natural Server Mode
  • Managing Objects Directly on a NaturalServer
  • Working with Dialogs

Objects of type Dialog have access to Windows interfaces, MS Office interfaces, and 3rd-party ActiveX controls, none of which are available under Linux/Unix. The remaining Dialog functionality is found in NaturalONE as part of the integration of Natural for AJAX, but instead of Dialogs you build Rich Internet Pages.