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I am using NaturalONE for code editing, its OK but i prefer using vs code becouse of it powerfull features, extention etc. I looked the market for relevant extension and saw the extension “IBM Z Open Editor
Its for mainframe languages COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, REXX, and JCL languages. I dared to ask the deverlopers to add language natural.
Thier response was:

Does IBM provide a compiler for the Natural language?

I don’t believe, so why should an IBM extension support a programming language not supported by IBM?
After search, the Natural language is a solution from Software AG. Rather, it would be up to them to provide a VS Code extension supporting their programming language.

In addition, the Z Open Editor extension, a free of charge solution, seems to me to be a subset of IBM Developer for Z, a paid solution. For a language to be supported by Z Open Editor, I think it must already be supported by IBM Developer for Z.

If the Natural language is not too complex, you could already create yourself a VS Code extension using a grammar (textmate format file) to provide syntax highlighting on source files opened in VS Code.

Ideally you should have a Language Server supporting Natural programming language, but developing such a component is difficult.
Software AG offers a solution under Eclipse: NaturalOne.
If they have developed a Language Server, they could integrate it into a VS Code extension.
This would be in their interest because we see that Eclise IDEs are in decline and that VS Code is becoming more and more widespread.

link: The same but for natural · Discussion #171 · IBM/zopeneditor-about · GitHub

Please raise a change/enhancement request for this so the community can comment and vote on it.

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How i do that?

On -

I don’t have this option. Can someone send it for me please?

Only Software AG can provide Empower credentials. And that is only to licensed users. Have your Natural Administrator arrange for one for you.

You have to use ONE for your Natural code editing.

With Visual Studio Code you do it.

With Visual Studio Code you can not do it.

No, you have an alternative. Natural Studio (the IDE in Natural for Windows) has been around for 20 years…

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