Guaranteed Delivery cause System Hang

Our customer use webMethods Partner server to send documents to our webMethods server. Recently, the server stopped sending documents.

From logs we find that document was read but did not complete sending. For days it was like that until the server was restarted. The scheduler is configured to send at regular interval with “Repeat from end of invocation” checked using Guaranteed Delivery.

txoutlog does not have any entry after last successful transaction before hang. We are using webMethods6.0.1 at partner and server.

Does GD cause the system to hang for days? Or is something else we are missing?

Thanks for help.

I am facing a similar issue.
the webmethods guaranteed delivery logs is not collecting data ie txin and txout
it stopped monitoring
wat could be the possible solution for this?
kindly let me know if anyone can shed some light on this