Hi all,

I’m using FLEXGRID to display data from SQL database. When I create FLEXGRIDInfo object and define its column headers I cannot set “textid” for a column. Whenever I set “textid” I get empty header (without even “en/something/..”).
Here is the code for it:

	public static FLEXGRIDInfo getFlexGridFromTransferList(Adapter adapter, TransferList transferList) {
		FLEXGRIDInfo fg = null;

		fg = new FLEXGRIDInfo(adapter);
		LineItem item = null;

		for (Iterator it = transferList.headline.iterator(); it.hasNext();) {
			String colName = (String);
			String valueProp = colName.replaceAll(" ", "");
			fg.addFieldColumn(valueProp, "100", "textid;" + colName, "transparentbackground;true");

		for (Iterator itCol =; itCol.hasNext();) {
			Map map = (Map);
			item = new LineItem();
		return fg;

I know that I can set column name using “replaceLiteral(…)” but then to change the language I will need to rebuild whole FLEXGRIDInfo object.
Any idea how to create column headers which support multilanguage literals?

Jakub Wojciechowski

…textid is not supported in the FLEXGRID - exactly because of the reason you mention: the structure of the grid is anyway program-defined and not set in a fix way.

You have to go the replaceLiteral() way.