Flexgrid - Grid with fix columns

Hi everybody,

as you describe in the techpaper “Grid with fix columns”, there is the possibility to set fix columns in a grid like

			<vsplit widthleftprop="widthLeft" height="100%">
				<splitcell takefullheight="true">
					<flexgrid infoprop="gridA" selectprop="selected" rowcount="30"
						height="100%" withlinenum="false" vscroll="hidden"/>
				<splitcell takefullheight="true">
					<flexgrid infoprop="gridB" selectprop="selected" rowcount="30"
						height="100%" withlinenum="false" selectorwidth="0"/>

But the result is not the same as I expected: seeming that selectorwidth=“0” doesn’t effect anything - this column is even bigger than the select-column in gridA.

Is there an error in the code? Or anything else to observe?


By the way, when setting the selectorwidth to 1, it works, but looks a bit strange.

Besides, is there a possibility to use popup menus? I tried to override the flexgridinfo but the reactOnContextMenuRequest()-method has never been called.

…did not have yet a look on selectorwidth…

Right mouse button is currently supported on:

It is currently not supported for STR lines (which is also internally used inside FLEXGRID). I’ll take this into list of enhancements.


Ok, thanks.
It’s a pity but…

Perhaps I can this use in the next project