Google map incorrect display on new login

Hi everybody,

I have a web application which has several pages. One of those pages has a google map object, that works correctly.
The problem is, if I have some other webpage( tab on the top) open, I logoff and then log in, when I switch to the page with the google map object the map is not displayed. It stays that way until either I log-off and login again on that page.

This bug is also resolved if I press a command button that does a submit action, and therefore a refresh to the page.

The problem is that my page works with async command buttons, and therefore there is not supposed to exist command buttons that refresh the entire page.

Anyone with this problem on google maps objects?


Well, I solved it by detectin if the call to CAF.model on the gmap object was null, and on that case forcing the page to entirely reload with a hidden command button.

Not the best solution, but it’s a solution.

Anyone else has a better one?


That’s a pretty good work around. I’m wondering whether any javascript errors are occurring when the GMAP object is null? At least, whether any js errors are happening that are preventing the gmap object to be instantiated.