GLOG amp webMethods Integration

Hi all,

I am just curious anyone integrated GLOG with webMethods?. We are using IS 4.6 and trying to integrate GLOG. If you have any thoughts or inputs for us to consider before we start the coding. Its still in the design phase and any suggestions really help us in design this correct.


Uh, Muru…

What in the world is GLOG? What technology was used to create it? What capabilities to integrate with other things does Glog possess?



I think GLOG that he is referring above is a Global Logistics company and they do SCM integrations and connect companies for shipments.So i guess Muru wants to integrate webMethods with GLOG Product (GC3).

Visit for more info.


Yes, RMG, Google works for me as well.

However, rather than guessing about what Muru means, how about him providing the details that we might need to have a chance of answer his question?

For example, if we are talking about G-Log, then Muru might ask if it’s purported Integration Layer could be useful and describe how it actually works.

Or perhaps he could elaborate on G-Log’s vaunted “Global Data Model” to allow us to speculate on whether there would be data-centric approaches to integration.

Point is, all of that is PURE SPECULATION since we don’t really know what product he’s talking about.

Maybe he’s talking about this.



Sorry for the confusion. GLOG is the company which offers TMS(Transportation Management System) systems. We are trying to integrate the TMS with our WMS(Warehouse Management System) using IS 4.6. GLOG has a integration layer which allows us to send and receive data using HTTP, OAQ(Oracle Advanced Queue). We choose to use the HTTP as our transportation protocal to/from GLOG. I was trying to get some good practices and some gotchas on GLOG. I thought somebody might have done this before so that we can take their advice on this integration. Also we thought this will be a perfect candidate for start implementing Canonical strategy on our integration projects.

When we start doing the actual coding I am sure I will have tones of technical questions.

So anything related to Glog Integration & Transportation Canonicals would really help us.

Thanks for your help on this.



Thanks for the clarification. I’m not familiar with G-Log, but some common approaches should work in your situation.

A canonical document is a common representation or enterprise representation of business documents to be shared between multiple applications (G-Log and your WMS app in your case). G-Log’s documents might or might not be a good starting place depending on how much work you company has done already.

Can you describe a typical integration scenario between these two apps? Will something occur in G-Log that needs to be communicated in your WMS? If so, G-Log would send a document representing this event or transaction to IS 4.6 by posting an XML document over HTTP. IS would transform that document to your canonical representation and then invoke a service that accepts the canonical, transforms it to the format needed by your WMS and then invokes the appropriate API or database commands on your WMS to perform the appropriate action (insert, update, delete).



A typical scenario for this intergration would be an order created on our order management system. This order will be analyzed in the WMS and make a request for shipment of this order to TMS, this will be done via IS making a posting on to TMS, and TMS sends different status of this particular order to WMS via IS. Finally we will be sending out these Transport Status to customers via EDI (214’s). We use webservices to send/get data from our WMS.

Right now our Business Analysts are working on put together a Canonical Document which will cover all(atleast some to start with) the Transportation requirements. There may be some one who already consolidated these Transportation Canonical, which may not be suitable for us but it will really help us on understanding what others doing with this. I understand they may have restriction on giving this information but I thought wouldn’t hurt to ask. I tried in google but so far I am not successfull in finding any standard except EDI standards.

Thanks for your help.